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    Call for paper

   The following is a non-exclusive list of topics of interest to the event. All other relevant and unlisted areas are also solicited.

 1.General and mathematical systems theory

2.History of the systems movement

3.Systems methodologies

4.Information systems, communication systems, complex systems, and dynamic systems

5.Systems in engineering and physical sciences

6.Systems in social, biological, and humanity sciences

7.Fuzzy systems, grey systems, pansystems and unascertained systems

8.Systems modeling, control, management, decision-making, and simulation

9.Approximate reasoning

10.Systems engineering and design

11.Environmental studies

12.Realization and validation of systems models

13.Prediction Science

14.The contemporary <<Natural-Artificial>> dualism


To Participate

Participants are invited to submit draft papers written in English (not exceeding six type written A4 or letter pages per participant, otherwise additional fees will be charged according to the following fee schedule: $20.00 per additional page, containing: a) topic(s) for which the paper is being submitted; b) title of the paper; c) name(s), and affiliation of the author(s), full address, telephone, fax number and e-mail address of the corresponding author.

    Accepted contributions will be included in one of the special issues of four SCI source journals or the IIGSS journals on the condition that the work is presented physically at the conference. The printed volumes will be available directly from the publishers  in the year of 2007 or early 2008.



Draft paper submission form

Each draft paper should be prepared according the following format:
    1. Major theme of the paper, according to the major themes given above or created new by author.
    2. Paper title.
    3. Author or co-authors with names, addresses, telephone number,  fax number and e-mail address.
    4. Abstract of around 500 words.
    5. Main content.
    6. References
    If all possible each draft paper should be sent via Internet, as attachment, to one of the Secretary-Generals. Only if transmitting your submission through internet is impossible or you did not receive an acknowledgement of your submission in a few days, send three copies of draft papers through the postal mail to them.

Symposia in formation

Currently, the following workshops and symposia are in the process of formation. If interested in joining any of the symposia, please contact the organizers directly or through the conference organizers.
    1. Workshop on Pansystems and Broad Spectrum: Xuemou Wu and Yuxiang Zhang
    2. Systems, Cybernetics and Quantum Information, Marc E.Carvallo
    3. Grey Systems and Applications: Mianyun Chen
    4. Information Theory and Unascertained Systems: Qingying Wang
    5. The Contemporary "Natural-Artificial" Dualism: The Asset within Knowledge, Economy and Society: Nicolae Bulz and Marcel Stoica
    6. Bio-systems, Bio-inspired Computing and Bio-information Processing: Jin Xu
    7. Systems Science and Applications in Engineering and Management: Zhangming Li


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